You can search issue by grid data.

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In this article we describe how to make a search with a JQL query in the Table Grid Editor for Jira Cloud. 

With JQL you can search issues by entering data from the grid.

You can make a search in a column only if the data in a column is indexed.

To index data in a column check Index data checkbox when configuring a column.

The search could be done by:

  • part of the text or the whole string in the list, user-list, string and textarea column types;
  • a number in the number and integer column types;
  • date, time, datetime in the date, time, and datetime column types.

You can search using JQL search helper pop-up. We've implemented code hints and inline validation to make constructing queries easy.

Search with the help pop-up

We've created a special button that helps to generate a query.

On the top right corner of the issue navigator page, find the plugin's icon that opens a help pop-up.

The JQL search helper will pop-up: 

Start typing your query in the search box and get autosuggestions to build your query.

The format of the query in JQL search helper is following: "GRID_NAME"."COLUMN_TITLE" <operator> "search value"

You can use various JQL operators depending on the data format:

Data typeOperator

= , != , > , >= , < , <=, IS , IS NOT , IN , NOT IN


~ , !~


= , !=, IS, IS NOT, IN, NOT IN


= , != , > , >= , <, <=, IS , IS NOT, IN , NOT IN

Once the query is ready, click Submit button to see results. A separate page opens to show the search results. 


Please, check the example:

Also check out our guide how to set up and use JQL search