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This article shows how to initialize the grid with an external data source. You can connect an external data source to the grid using grid configuration.

To initialize a grid follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Data Source tab on the grid configuration page

2. Select data source you've already connected from the drop-down

By default the grid has the following data sources:

  • Jira fields - allows you to populate the grid with values from other Jira fields  
  • Jira database - allows you to query data from your Jira database and then use it in the grid.

  1. Specify SQL query or JSONPath depending on the data source type

    REST data source 

    SQL data source 

  2. Execute the query to get the data preview


    SQL data source 

    Try the example REST data source with users' data

    Example of the data retrieved from the Jira database, which is a default option of the SQL data source.

  3. Configure columns mapping
    Select columns from the data source to load information into previously created grid columns. 

    REST data source SQL data source 


    Following column types could not display data from the external data source:
    date, date/time, sequence, userlist, and formula.

    In case you have these types of data in your data source, please map them into columns with string or text type.

  4. Save changes.

Congratulations! Now you know how to initialize grid with an external data source.

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