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Depending on the type of information type in the cell you will get another control to edit it's content.

Information TypeExampleComments
string, number, integer
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When entering values in a number or integer cell, the grid will check if the value is a number.
Number and integer fields can have minimum and maximum constraints

text area
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Start tying or changing your text.

Press enter to go to a new line
Press tab to go to the next cell

radio button
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Choose the right value
List box
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Example Simple drop-down box.

Select the right value


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Example Autocomplete list box (for long lists)

Start typing, and you will be provided with a subselection from which you can choose the right value.

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Dates are entered in tit he format in whixh the Table Grid is configured (in this example it is is 'YYYY-MM-DD' but your configuration may be different).

Alternatively you can use the date popup selector.

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A table grid can have a column containing a sequence. This sequence is automatically maintained by the system; it is incremented for each
new row added to the grid. As a user you will not be able to change its value.
The value in the cell is assigned when the issue is saved (and the content of the grid is persisted to the database).


Pop up form editing

An alternative way to edit table grid rows  is using the popup form. To edit an existing row, select a row, and click the 'edit selected row' icon.


    • Enter the number of rows you want to add
    • Start to use the in-line edit capability. Check edit information
    • This function only works when the row data doesn't hold mandatory fields.


Adding rows by duplicating an existing row