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This article describes one of the common use cases, where you can apply dynamic list options with an external REST API datasource.


Use the Table Grid Editor for Jira Cloud as a storage of simple sub-tasks with the sub-task assignee and status change.

You will learn how to set up a grid to track sub-tasks and update assignee and status.

You can easily connect an external data source with Jira statuses and another one with Jira users group. You don't need to add the data manually into the grid configuration.

Every time the user group connected as the external data source will be updated with new users, they will appear as options in the grid assignee column.

Once you add a new status to your Jira, it will be displayed as an option in the list.

The Grid where the sub-tasks are created

Grid configuration

  1. Create a grid to add subtasks and configure the grid columns

  2. Connect a data source to your grid.
    In our case we are connecting 2 external data sources (Jira REST API data sources).


    Use your Jira as data source (statuses and user groups) and load it with the help of Jira REST API.

     Jira statuses data source configuration

    Jira user group data source configuration


    In both cases the REST API data source requires authentication.

    We use Headers data source configuration option to add authentication.

    Set a Key as Authorization and a Value as the encrypted access credentials.

    Code Block
    titleAccess credentials before encoding

    Code Block
    titleAccess credentials after encoding

    Code Block
    titleValue format with encoded credentials
    Basic YWRtaW46dGVzdHBhc3N3b3Jk

    You can encode the credentials using any available encode tool such as Base64.

  3. Configure dynamic list options in the column.
    In our case there are 2 columns of type list.  You need to configure the list options for both stutuses and assignee columns.

Status column list options configuration

Assignee column list options configuration


Now you can add new rows with sub-tasks into the grid.

On the change of the value of the "Assignee" column select an Assignee from the dynamic list.

Change the sub-task status by selecting available Jira statuses from the dynamic list.

namedynamic list with data source.mp4