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Grid display condition

This page includes features comparison of the well known Table Grid Editor for Jira Server and a new Table Grid Next Generation add-on. 

FeatureTable Grid Editor for Jira ServerTable Grid Next Generation
Simple grid configuration interface(minus) configuration through grid properties(plus) configuration dashboard
Service Desk Customer Portal Support


SQL data sources(plus)(plus)
REST data sources fields(minus)(plus)
Reusable driving tables(plus)(plus)
Data filtering within the grid(plus)(plus)
Issue level CSV import(plus)(plus)
Issue level CSV/PDF/Excel export(minus)(plus)
JavaScript-based formulas(minus) only Java-based(plus)
Rich Date/Time formats(minus)(plus)
Cascading grids(plus)(minus)


Multi-Level Cascade custom field(plus)(minus) but you can create cascading lists with column values
Table Grid Reader custom field(plus)(minus)
Possibility to query data from the database(plus)(plus)
JQL support (searchable grid data)(plus)(plus)
Grid field with default values(minus)(plus)
Grid as required field(minus)(plus)
Grid custom field context(minus)(plus)

Database support

  • MySql
  • PostgreSql
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • MySql
  • PostgreSql
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Column details
Horizontal column content alignment(plus)(plus)
Required columns(plus)(plus)
Column default values(plus)(plus)
Read only columns(plus)(plus)
Sortable columns(plus)(plus)
Column grouping(minus)(plus)
Hidden columns(plus)


Initial value in the sequence column(plus)(plus)
Column max length(characters)(plus)(plus)
Content renderer (wiki or text)(plus)(plus)
Query data from custom field values(plus)(plus)
Query data from issue values(plus)(plus)
Column summary(plus)(plus)
Column tooltip(plus)(minus)

Resizable columns

Column types
Single Select List(plus)(plus)
Multi Select List(minus)(plus)
User list(plus)(plus)
Grid display
Collapsable grid(plus)(minus)
Grid display condition(plus)(minus)
Grid height settings(plus)(plus)
Grid vertical autosize(plus)(plus)
Fit grid columns(plus)(plus)
Hide grid footer/header(plus)(minus)
Set number of visible grid rows(plus)(plus) grid height configuration allows to limit the number of visible rows
Pagination(plus)(plus) scroll the grid to view all rows
Grid details
Add rows restriction(plus)(minus)
Delete rows restriction(plus)(minus)
Grid initialization with empty rows(plus)(plus)
Grid read-only mode(plus)(minus)
Grid changes as comments to the issue(plus)(minus) there's Grid history tab instead
Grid history tab


Grid table name(plus)(minus)
Grid changes tracking(plus)(plus) Grid history tab
XSS validation(plus)(minus)

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