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This article describes dynamic lists functionality. You can use it in the single select and multi select list column types.

Add a drop-down list with options into a grid. Use the dynamic list to select options from the previously connected data source.

It is possible to combine static and dynamic options in one list as well.

To configure list dynamic options you need to create single select or multi select list column.

Dynamic options configuration

  1. Add Dynamic options

  2. Select a previously connected data source 

    Jira database is available as a default data source option in the list. 

  3. Specify JSON Path or SQL query

    You can inject values into the SQL query using placeholders to get the data from Jira objects.

    SELECT * FROM jiraissue where id ="{issue:id}"

    You need to configure the mapping for the option label and value manually in this case.

  4. Get data
  5. Configure Options Mapping for the label and value

  6. Save the dynamic options configuration

Below you can see how dynamic options look once after the configuration is finished.

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