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This article describes how you can create stand-alone tables in Table Grid Next Generation.Create tables with data that is not connected to any issues. Use the driving table as a data source for your grid.

The Driving Table is a stand-alone table that is not connected to any issue. You can use it as a data source. 

The driving table allows you to manage the data without access to the database. You can create a table, add data, then export it to the external database and re-use it elsewhere.

Driving Table Configuration

To create a driving table, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to add-ons in your Jira administration 

2. Select Grids on the left menu 

3. Select Driving Tables tab on the top

4. Add driving table

5. Configure table columns

The driving table columns are configured in the same way as grid columns. 

Check out how to configure сolumns for more details.

6. Save the driving table configuration

7. Add data to the driving table

8. Save the data in the driving table

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