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In version 1.12 of the table grid editor, we introduced the Datasource Specifications. You can configure datasources and use them in multiple grids.

The inner specifications are meant for backward compatibility.


The Table Grid Editor add-on uses the hibernate framework as underlying level for handling all database related connectivity. This approach gives possibility to use any database supported by Hibernate, as long as the required database drivers for that database are available for the add-on.
Current version of Table Grid Editor is delivered with several embedded jdbc database drivers for MySql, PostgreSQL, MS Sql Server and Oracle.

Following properties can be defined / used

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Also check the database reserved words. If you use this as a column name in your query, you will get a warning that this might collide with the underlying dml/ddl.
Check also connecting the grid to a database for some examples of how to configure the grid.


  • Be very careful with the queries.
    You might use a query which brings down the database instance, or use stored procedures which wipe the database.
  • In certain cases, using the property gd.ds=jira in combination with SQL Server, will lock up JIRA.
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