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A grid can be part of a Jira issue. You can display the issue data in a tabular form using the Table Grid Editor.

Edit information

You can switch to the grid edit mode when you create/edit issue or use the in-line editing functionality by clicking on the content of the grid.

Export table grid information

Allows to export the grid data in a printable format.

Issue level CSV import

A complete guide on how you can import CSV data into a grid directly from the issue view.

Driving Tables
JQL search based on the content of the grid
  • Search for empty gridsYou can search for all issues which contain 'empty' grids. The grid is considered as empty when it has not been modified.
  • Column to attribute mappingThe data in grid columns are persisted in a table which can be queried by the grid search JQL function. Find out how a column name 'xyz' is mapped to an attribute in the database table.
  • Under the hoodA detailed explanation diagram which shows the work of the searches based on the table grid content.
  • Criteria based search contentYou can query issues by the grid name and its content : issue in grid("<gridname>", "<where clause>")
  • About SQL injectionsYou can use SQL injections in a JQL search in a <where clause>

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