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Version 1.29.18

Released: 11 May 2022

  • IGRID-4283 - Fixed security vulnerabilities

Version 1.29.17

Released: 02 Dec 2021

  • IGRID-4267 - Fixed the problem with Base64Encoder and compatibility issues with 8.20.1 Jira version

Version 1.29.16

Released: 18 Oct 2021

  • IGRID-4236 - Small fix regarding the compatibility issues with Java11 

Version 1.29.15

Released: 30 Sep 2021

  • IGRID-4236 - Fixed the compatibility issues with Java11 

  • IGRID-4228 - Fixed the issue when a table name overlaps the Jira drop-down list More and other Jira drop-down lists
  • IGRID-4258 - Fixed the issue related to multicascade field reflecting wider than remainder of form

Version 1.29.14

Released: 25 May 2021

  • IGRID-4238 - Fixed the issue with the Multi-Level Cascade field not being visible on Service Desk Queue

  • IGRID-4168 - Updated connector for MySQL

Version 1.29.13

Released: 13 Jan 2021

  • IGRID-4235 - Fixed the issue with tracking date incorrect display

Version 1.29.12

Released: 28 Sep 2020

  • IGRID-4129 - Fixed the Summary in the Table Grid Reader

  • IGRID-4216 - Fixed the issue with MLCF not showing on Service Desk portal 8.10.0
  • IGRID-4218 - Security updates for the Table Grid editor

Version 1.29.11

Released: 14 Nov 2019

  • IGRID-3944 - Fixed the gd.insertChangeComments property to work correctly with gd.tracking property

  • IGRID-4174 - Fixed conflicts with the Power Custom Fields

  • IGRID-4183 - Fixed the error caused by the query with the union select on Table Grid Reader

  • IGRID-4175 - Added a Table Grid Editor field name to the insertChangeComments property

Version 1.29.10

Released: 16 Oct 2019

  • IGRID-4172 - Compatibility with Table Grid Migration Tool

Version 1.29.9

Released: 08 Oct 2019

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-3951 - Fixed grid to display correctly for users with no edit permissions
    IGRID-4152 - Fixed grid to get data from the Jira Multi-Select custom field dynamically on the edit issue screen

Version 1.29.8

Released: 14 Aug 2019

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-4118 - Fixed TimePicker to work correctly for versions 1.29.3 and higher
  • IGRID-4138 - Fixed grid data to display on the issue view after import from .csv on the create issue screen 
  • IGRID-4144 - Fixed MultiCascade options to populate data from using placeholder on the create issue screen
  • IGRID-4148 - Fixed pagination in Read Grid Data for all issues API call 
  • IGRID-4152 - Fixed Multi-select custom fields to populate data from dynamic lists on the edit screen
  • IGRID-4150 - Fixed the documentation reference links

Version 1.29.7

Released: 11 Jun 2019

Compatibility with Jira Data Center

Now you can use Table Grid Editor with the Jira Data Center

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-4116 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field search to work with cyrillic symbols
  • IGRID-4128 - Fixed java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException appearing in certain cases
  • IGRID-4133 - Fixed data storage to work properly with dynamic options in the list column type
  • IGRID-4115 - Improved CSV file readability with ";" as a separator

Version 1.29.6

Released: 22 February 2019

Compatibility with Jira 8.0

Now you can use Table Grid Editor with the 8.0 Jira

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-4047 - Added custom dates formats support in dates:diff formula property
  • IGRID-4107 - Added possibility to move modal window on issue and grid create/edit screens
  • IGRID-4010 - Fixed the error in the default configuration of the Multi Level Cascade Field
  • IGRID-4075 - Fixed the error with query when performing a call from an external system
  • IGRID-4093 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field to load children values on the create issue screen
  • IGRID-4094 - Fixed the SQL query to use description keyword
  • IGRID-4097 - Fixed 403 error for REST API GET /rest/idalko-igrid/1.0/grid/list
  • IGRID-4099 - Fixed the CSV import to work with dynamic lists that have more then 2 query parameters
  • IGRID-4106 - Fixed conflicts with HR.360 for Jira add-on
  • IGRID-4109 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field edit mode

Version 1.29.5

Released: 28 November 2018

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-3984 - Fixed grid inline editing

  • IGRID-4013 - Fixed 500 error when searching in Multi Level Cascade Field
  • IGRID-4039 - Fixed columns aggregation not working properly
  • IGRID-4045 - Fixed data import to work with dynamic lists
  • IGRID-4066 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field to show drop downs on the Jira Service Desk Customer Portal
  • IGRID-4074 - Fixed error with adding values to the list column through API
  • IGRID-4079 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field not working properly on Jira Service Desk
  • IGRID-4080 - Fixed to work with the hiddenMode enabled
  • IGRID-4081 - Fixed c.atlassian.ozymandias.SafePluginPointAccess error
  • IGRID-4084 - Fixed inline search in Multi Level Cascade Field
  • IGRID-4086 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field not working correctly on Jira bulk edit issues
  • IGRID-4068 - Improved add and edit grid data using pop-up form
  • IGRID-4069 - Improved user experience with the grid by changing button names

Version 1.29.3

Released: 27 September 2018

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-4018 - Fixed database query to return an appropriate value when the column name is in uppercase
  • IGRID-4051 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field search autocomplete to work with aliases in the query
  • IGRID-4056 - Now you can import CSV file with empty Date/Datetime columns
  • IGRID-4058 - Multi Level Cascade Field values don't disappear when executing queries

Version 1.29.2

Released: 12 September 2018

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-3999 - Now you can import the data into the grid if one of the columns has Description as a label
  • IGRID-4013 - Fixed the 500 Error in Multi Level Cascade Field Javascript search

Version 1.29.1

Released: 23 June 2018

Compatibility with Jira 7.11.0

Now you can use Table Grid Editor with the 7.11.0 Jira

  • IGRID-4034 - Compatibility with Jira 7.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-3984 - Fixed data is not appearing on some levels of the Multi Level Cascade Filed
  • IGRID-3988 - Fixed 'align' property is omitted when you export the grid using Xporter for Jira
  • IGRID-3992 - Fixed JS conflicts with the ScriptRunner add-on in Jira Service Desk
  • IGRID-4028 - Fixed the Table Grid Reader doesn't show all values
  • IGRID-4029 - Fixed Service Desk ticket not sharing with users
  • IGRID-4030 - Fixed the conflict with the Xporter add-on on Service Desk
  • IGRID-4032 - Fixed data not refreshing in the grid edit mode

Version 1.29.0

Released: 18 June 2018

CSV import in the driving table

Now you can import CSV files into the driving table.

  • IGRID-3995 - Added CSV Import With Driving Table

Compatibility with Jira 7.10

The Table Grid Editor is compatible with the Jira 7.10.

  • IGRID-4004 - Compatibility with Jira 7.10

Multi level cascade field improvements

  • IGRID-3977 - Added improvements of the multi level cascade fields

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-4001 - Added logging to the paths where mlcf is updating the custom field
  • IGRID-3975 - Fixed subtask with grid duplicates rows from the parent on the update

  • IGRID-3983 - Fixed compatibility with Windows, IE, and Edge for the issue level import