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Released: June 13 2018

  • IGRID-4007 - Hotfix release resolving a data loss situation in case one would clear a multi level cascading field

Version 1.28.0

Released: 04 May 2018

Driving Table user access 

Now you can provide users access to the configuration properties of the driving table. Check the documentation for more details.

  • IGRID-3894 - Added user access to driving tables configuration properties

  • IGRID-3732 - Added synchronizer performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • IGRID-3949 - Fixed error on data import: AJS.flag is not a function

  • IGRID-3958 - Fixed CSV Import happens even if data is wrong

  • IGRID-3961 -  Fixed CSV import hardcoded mime type 

  • IGRID-3966 - Fixed incorrectly resolution of the list values in the Data Import