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Version 1.29.6

Released: 22 February 2019

Compatibility with Jira 8.0

Now you can use Table Grid Editor with the 8.0 Jira

Bug Fixes

    • IGRID-4047 - Added custom dates formats support in dates:diff formula property
    • IGRID-4107 - Added possibility to move modal window on issue and grid create/edit screens
    • IGRID-4010 - Fixed the error in the default configuration of the Multi Level Cascade Field
    • IGRID-4075 - Fixed the error with query when performing a call from an external system
    • IGRID-4093 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field to load children values on the create issue screen
    • IGRID-4094 - Fixed the SQL query to use description keyword
    • IGRID-4097 - Fixed 403 error for REST API GET /rest/idalko-igrid/1.0/grid/list
    • IGRID-4099 - Fixed the CSV import to work with dynamic lists that have more then 2 query parameters
    • IGRID-4106 - Fixed conflicts with HR.360 for Jira add-on
    • IGRID-4109 - Fixed Multi Level Cascade Field edit mode
    • IGRID-4036 - Fixed Date function in formula to work properly with fomatdate
    • IGRID-4111 - Fixed JQL search on Multi Level Cascade Field to work with PostgreSQL

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