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Create a new Multi Level Cascade Field

Navigate to your Jira administration - Issues - Custom Fields - Add custom field 

Select a field type Multi Level Cascade Field

Set the field name and a description and define its context, just like you do when creating other custom fields.

Make sure that you limit the context of the custom field to the projects that are effectively using the custom field.

Configure the Multi Cascade

You can configure the field through the standard custom field configuration of JIRA.
All configuration details for a specific multi cascade need to be entered in the "Multi Level Cascade Field" configuration of a custom field.

By default, a new Multi Level Cascade Field is filled with a sample configuration. You can override or change this configuration to match it to your needs.
Next chapters will explain in detail how to configure a Multi Cascade.

Format of the configuration

The Multi Cascade is using the standard java properties file format to read and interpret the properties.

  • Each line stores a single property
  • Each property is stored as a pair or strings separated by a '='
    For instance,

    mc.levels = issuetype, user, issue


    level.user.query = select user_key from app_user
  • The first part is the key, the second part is the value

  • the key can be multilevel.
    For instance, level.user.query has 3 levels
  • If the first character on a line is the number sign (#), all the remaining text on that line is interpreted as a comment
  • The order of properties is not important.
    For clarity and maintenance, it is best to group similar properties together.

Structure of the configuration

A multi cascade configuration has 2 main sections

Connecting to a database

You can connect to your own database by using a Datasource Specification.

Configuration validation

When saving the configuration of a Multi Cascade, the plugin will apply a number of validations such as

  • Are all the levels properly defined?
  • Are the properties correctly set?
  • Is the query correct?
  • Can it connect to the database?

A error message is provided in case something is wrong with the configuration itself

Simple config

Multi Level Cascade Field allows to create simple one level select list that with populate data from the specified data source.  You should define only 2 properties in this type of configuration:

mc.query = Select name from Country
mc.ds = mysql

Multi cascade field view on the create issue 

Please check configuration examples for more details.

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