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This may be the fastest way to get up and running with your own table grid; explore our most common use cases step-by-step.

What is your Use Case? 

The Table Grid Editor can be easily configured for many use cases. Select one below and learn by example.

A download to the example configuration scripts is available.

Customer Quotes and offers

 If a client requests a new feature or service, it often naturally ends up in Jira. Your normal work process would be to create a quote with a high level description, the number of hours, PO number, etc, and then send it to them for confirmation. What would be great is if you could create this within the Jira system... With the Table Grid Editor you can! Like this keeping all related data for the entire task in one convenient place. So how do you do this? Check out the slide deck for a step by step example.

In this use case you will learn how to:

  • Setup a table grid
  • Setup a column's cells with a dropdown box from a predefined list that is loaded from an external SQL database
  • Automatically calculate totals per line in the quote (unit price * quantity)
  • Automatically calculate total for entire quote

Project and milestones tracking

If you use Jira for project management you may want to track the progress of each milestone associated with working on a specific issue. With Table Grid Editor you can easily make sure there is a comprehensive overview.
In this use case you will learn how to:

  • Setup a table grid
  • Setup a column's cells with a date selector
  • Define a Jira filter to easily find issues whose project milestones started too late


Quality and rules compliance

When the support team interacts with customers it sometimes occurs that some quality or regulation guidelines are not always rigorously followed. For these reasons it would be great if we could add checklists to issues such that customer representatives or developers have easy to follow guidelines (for quality or regulations compliance) to resolve the issue. With Table Grid Editor this is very easy to realize as shown in the following slide deck:

In this use case you will learn how to:

  • Setup a table grid
  • Setup a column's cell with checkboxes
  • Template a Table Grid Editor: Preload the contents of a new Table Grid Editor for new Jira issues
  • Define a Jira filter to easily find issues whose quality guidelines were not followed


Configuration Language Manual

The configuration property index provides an overview of all the grid properties which can be set.

You can use the following features to configure a grid:

  1. Create different types of columns including  textarea, lists, radio button, checkboxes, sequences, userlist, etc.
  2. Initialize grids and lists dynamically from data selected from external databases
  3. Create and manage lookup tables for easy reference using the driving tables feature
  4. Search the content of the grid using JQL
  5. Calculate the content of a column based on the values of other columns
  6. Link Table Grid editor with external SQL databases by configuring external datasources (SQL Server, mySQL, Postgres and Oracle are supported).
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