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You've been collecting quite some valuable data in your different grids, and now you are ready to actually report on it.

You can query the grid data with JQL.

For instance the following JQL query searches for all issues which have a task in Open status and are located in the grid, called actionlist

issue in grid("actionlist", "status = 'Open' ")


Ways to search issues by the grid data

Search for empty grids

You can search for all issues which contain 'empty' grids. The grid is considered as empty when it has not been modified.

Column to attribute mapping

The data in grid columns are persisted in a table which can be queried by the grid search JQL function. Find out how a column name 'xyz' is mapped to an attribute in the database table.

Under the hood

A detailed explanation diagram which shows the work of the searches based on the table grid content.

Criteria based search content

You can query issues by the grid name and its content : issue in grid("<gridname>", "<where clause>")

About SQL injections

You can use SQL injections in a JQL search in a <where clause>




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