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An example of how you can cascade a value to 2 or more columns.


Assume you want to setup a 3 way cascade. The user should select continent, country , city (in that order),
Also assume you have a table listing all the cities in the world (worldcities) - containing 3 attributes 

  • Continent
  • Country, countryCode
  • City
  • Address


You can now setup a 3 way cascade as follows

gd.columns = continent, country, city, deliveryAddress
gd.ds = igrid_test
gd.tablename = locations
col.continent = Continent
col.continent.type = list
col.continent.query = select distinct continent from worldcities
col.continent.query.ds = igrid_test
# Country column should only list the countries belonging to
# the selected continent
# = Country = list = select distinct country, countryCode from worldcities where continent = {continent.value} = igrid_test
# City column should only list the cities belonging to the selected country
# = City = list = select distinct city, zipcode, address from worldcities where countryCode = {country.value} = igrid_test
# DeliveryAddress
# The delivery address is the delivery address associated to the selected city
col.deliveryAddress = Deliver to
col.deliveryAddress.type = string
col.deliveryAddress.formula = {city.address}