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You can initialize a grid either statically or dynamically with the help of these properties. 

To initialize a grid statically use the gd.query.row properties.

To initialize a grid dynamically use the gd.query and gd.query.ds properties. 

gd.ds <pre>Use this to specify a different grid storage database - for instance the JIRA database, or a database source specification.</pre>
gd.initFromClone When gd.initFromClone is true, and an issue is cloned, all rows which are linked to the original issue, will be duplicated to the new (cloned) issue
gd.initFromParent When gd.initFromParent is true, and a sub-task of the issue is created, all rows which are linked to the parent issue, will be duplicated to the created sub-task
gd.query A query, used to initialize the grid when the issue is created, when the grid is reloaded using the <strong>reload button</strong> or when a dependent custom field is changed.<p>Note that this property is applied only on the creation of the issue.</p>
gd.query.columns Use this property to specify which columns should be initialized with the results of a query.
gd.query.ds Specify on which datasource a query needs to be run.
gd.query.keepOnRefresh specifies which rows can be removed when reloading the grid
gd.query.reloadOnCustomFieldChange Allows to disable automatic reloading of the grid on Create Issue and Edit Issue screens triggered by on custom field change
gd.query.reloadTrigger Allows to reload the grid on issue view or update
gd.query.row Use this property to initialize a grid with static data.

If a grid contains static and dynamic initialization properties, both will be used to set up initial data.

For example,  when the grid configuration contains properties as below, it will be initialized with all the employees aged 25 or younger, and the 2 static entries (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie).

gd.columns = firstname, lastname
gd.query = select firstname, lastname from employees where age < 26
gd.query.ds= employeedb
gd.query.row1 = Brad, Pitt
gd.query.row2 = Angelina, Jolie
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