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List of properties, that help to specify grid details. They apply to the complete grid.

You can enable grid features by adding the property to the configuration. 

gd.allowAddRows Enable or disable the possibility to add rows
gd.cleanupTable Delete rows from the gridtable when containing issue is deleted.
gd.columns Use this to specify what columns should be displayed on the grid
gd.decimalSeparator Use this to specify <span>the default decimal separator for any grid column of type &apos;number&apos;</span>
gd.delete.allowed Allow or disallow users to delete individual rows on a grid
gd.delete.confirmation When enabled, the grid will ask for confirmation before deleting a set of rows using the &apos;delete non modified&apos; or &apos;delete duplicates&apos;
gd.emptyRows Use this to initialize the grid with a number of empty rows. Property is applied when you create a new issue. Columns are initialized with their default value
gd.enableXSSValidation <span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">This property is in the first place meant to protect against XSS attacks. Use this property to block submission of html based data into a grid cell (string or textarea). </span>
gd.filter Enable filtering capabilities on the grid such that a user can filter out rows based on a search term
gd.insertChangeComments Insert grid changes as comments to the issue
gd.readonly When you want to use the grid for displaying purposes only
gd.sample.size Generate a number of rows with randomly generated content for each of the columns such that a grid can be tested.
gd.selector Enables selection capabilities on the grid such that a user can select one row. Cell value that resides in the selected row and selector column is accessible in other grid queries using {customfield:XXXXX} notation
gd.tablename Provide the base name of the grid table
gd.tracking When enabled, adds 4 tracking columns to the grid table to know who and when a grid row has been added and/or updated.


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