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The Table Grid Editor add-on for JIRA allows you to use JIRA for many different use cases including:

  • Test plan execution
  • IT Procurement
  • CMDB integration
  • Inventory tracking
  • Quote and invoice management
  • Survey result data collection
  • Multi level select lists on the Customer Portal

We've included 3 types of custom fields in the Table Grid:

  • Table Grid Editor - allows to create grids which are editable. You can combine and manage data from multiple systems into one editable and highly customizable table grid. Users can update their data directly in the external database.
  • Table Grid Reader - allows to display results of an arbitrary SQL query as a grid in the context of an issue.
  • Multi Level Cascade Field - allows to create an unlimited number of select lists in a single custom field. Helps to select multiple values using more than two select lists who depend on each other. You can make the choice of the values from the lists dependent on each other. 

You can configure the grid using grid properties. Check our configuration guide for Jira administrators. If you want to find out how the Table Grid Editor could be used, check user guides.

The grid data is stored in a separate table of your Jira database. Check out how the grid table name is constructed in the Jira database. You can also use the grid to retrieve data from a database.

Learn by example

This may be the fastest way to get up and running with your own table grid; explore our most common use cases step-by-step.

More details.


Need Help? Our Support Team is Eager to Help You Free of Charge!

Any doubt if something is possible (or not), do you have a great idea but you are not really sure
what properties would work best.

You're always welcome to contact us at all times for further discussion on how to customize the grid.
No strings attached and Free of Charge!

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