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 You can export the Table Grid data for a single issue or for an entire set of issues. How to export the data for multiple issues?

For example, export a set of issues to see all table grid entries where project = MYPROJECT.


You will need access to the database where the grid table is stored.

Assume that your grid table is called actions_c10123 and is stored in the same database as JIRA then you can export the table rows using a query like below:

select gridtable.*
from   actions_c10123 gridtable 
inner join jiraissue ji on gridtable.issueid =
inner join project p on ji.project =
where p.pname = 'MYPROJECT'

The name of the gridtable and the database where the gridtable is stored can be configured through the properties gd.tablename and gd.ds.