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Atlassian introduced a new set of requirements for add-ons to be considered as 'data center compatible' on September 3, 2018.

The consequence is that the data center compatibility label for our add-ons (Table Grid Editor for Server,  Pivot Gadget, Exalate for Jira server,) have been revoked.

What does it mean for your environment in case you use the add-on on a Jira Data Center?

There is no impact on your environment. These add-ons have successfully been used for a couple of years in data center environments.

When do you expect to be compliant to the new requirements?

We expect to have Data Center compliant add-ons in the course of Q2 2019.  The approval depends on the ability of Atlassian to process our request timely. Although this has been improved considerably, there is still a backlog to get it done.

Find more information on the Atlassian blog.