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TGE Property Index

Here you will find the Table Grid Editor properties, grouped by type.

TGR property index

All properties of the Table Grid Reader custom field are listed here. Given its functionality, not all properties available for a table grid editor are supported

MLCF Property Index

All properties of the Multi Level Cascade Field in one place.

Grid Property - full list

The full list of Table Grid Editor properties sorted alphabetically.

Grid details

Use these properties to specify grid details.

Grid Display Parameters

Configure grid display height, width and other parameters using these properties.

Grid initialization properties

You can initialize a grid either statically or dynamically with the help of these properties. 

Column types

Helps to set columns types in a grid.

Column details

Use these properties to set column details in a grid.

database details - inner specifications

The Table Grid add on uses the hibernate framework as underlying level for handling all database related connectivity. This approach gives possibility to use any database supported by Hibernate, as long as the required database drivers for that database are available for the table grid plugin. - deprecated

When you want to cascade the selection from one list to another list

gd.query.parameters - deprecated

 Allows to make the query, which initializes the grid, dependent on custom field values of the containing issue.

gd.table - deprecated

 DEPRECATED - Provide the base name of the grid table - deprecated

Inject parameters in the query used to build the content of a dynamic list.

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