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Administration Guide

Get a step by step explanation on how to configure the grid

Grid properties by class

Developer Guide

Developer guides explaining how to use the Java and REST API to read and manipulate grid data

Version 1.18.0 or higher is required.


Customize your grid with CSS styles

Examples and Recipes

If you want to know what you can use the Table Grid Editor for or if you just want to learn from our examples, please explore our examples and recipies:

Table Grid Editor examples

  • Weekly Resource AllocationThe weekly resource allocation allows to setup a grid to track how many hours developers are allocated to a specific JIRA project. Total allocated hours are summerized.
  • Use the table grid editor to track subtasks (and get notified about it)Use TGE as a storage of simple sub-tasks and get email notification on change of the task assignee
  • Test planThe test plan with the list of issues. Grid shows status of each issue and helps deciding if it is worth to work on it.
  • Sandwich OrderThe sandwich order is an example where orders can be entered, using a list of possible menu choices.
  • Sandwich menu from different vendors : example pre-populate a table gridThis grid is another example of how the grid can be initialized based on the values entered in a custom field.
  • Sandwich menuThe sandwich menu recipe provides an example how to setup a sandwich ordering application (who doesn't need such application) using the grid.
  • Sales listAs head of Sales department you create a report with sales receipts attached
  • Project ComponentsThe Project Components example shows how you can retrieve information from JIRA in a grid which uses cascading lists.
  • Plane listInitialize the grid with a parameterized grid. Parameters are based on customfield values.
  • PermutationsUse the grid to provide a predefined set of options in a 3x3 matrix
  • Marketplace Monday: Table Grid EditorTake JIRA way beyond issue tracking and project management - the table grid editor opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
  • Local divisionsAs support agent you have to consult people from different countries. Each country has a couple local divisions where you can direct users.
  • Issue type specific checklistYou want to track if all tasks to resolve an issue has been done, and who has been tackling it.
  • Family ListThe family list grid is used to collect the names of a family. It shows how to setup a grid with multiple types of columns, storing its data into a mysql database.

Multi Level Cascade examples

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