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The data in grid columns are persisted in a table which can be queried by the grid search JQL function.

This page details out how a column name 'xyz' is mapped to an attribute in the database table.

Note that the attribute used in the database table can be modified using the property.

Column TypeAttribute namesExample to use in the function = checkboxAttribute xyz contains the value 1 when the checkbox is checked, else 0xyz = 1 = dateAttribute xyz contains a date type attribute.
Use specific database notation to query for date ranges
xyz between '2013-02-12' and '2013-02-19' = integerAttribute xyz contains an integerxyz > 18 = list

A list is stored using 2 attributes

  • xyz contains the value of the list
  • xyz_name contains the corresponding label

Assume your list contains 'Male' and 'Female'
with values 'M' and 'F'

  • xyz = 'M'
  • xyz_name = 'Male' = numberAttribute xyz contains a double numberxyz < 20.5 = radioAttribute xyz contains the label of the radio button (xyz = 'On' = sequenceAttribute xyz is an integer containing the sequence numberxyz between 100 and 200 = stringAttribute xyz is a string (max 255 chars)xyz = 'hello there' = textareaAttribute xyz is a text field (or similar depending on database)xyz like '%hamlet%'
Tracking fields

There are 4 attributes related to the tracking fields

  • DT_CRE - a date field
  • JIRA_USER_CRE - a string
  • DT_UPD - a date field
  • JIRA_USER_UPD - a string

For instance DT_CRE > '2013-02-01' to get all the issues where a row has been created after Feb 1, 2013

Specific management fields
  • modified is an attribute indicating if the row has been modified by the user.
  • issueid is the id of the containing issue
  • id is the id of the row in the table


  • modified = 1
  • modified = 0
  • issueid = 10000



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