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Version 1.10.1 (Atlassian:1.1.19-AC)

Released: 12 March  2019


  • TGC-525 - Make it possible to prevent editing Grid after creating issue on the Service Desk

  • TGNGUI-343 - Unify dropdown selects

  • DC-33 - Upgrade oracle jdbc driver


  • TGC-524 - JQL search is broken

  • TGC-520 - Scrolling the list of users in Userlist box works wrong

  • TGNGUI-357 - The page doesn't load after removing grid height and row height values

  • TGNGUI-352 - The name of users in userlist menu are clipped

  • TGNGUI-351 - Error messages are shown after every action even when empty field is entered

  • TGNGUI-347 - Cannot change hours and minutes at the same time

  • TGNGUI-164 - Sequence column type cell focus is shifted below the cell bottom border in Firefox.

Version 1.10.0 (Atlassian:1.1.18-AC)

Released: 13 February  2019

SQL Data sources

Connect a data source located on an external database server. You can initialize the grid with the connected datasource

Grid data export on the issue level 

Now you can export grid data into CSV, Excel or PDF files. More details.

Single and Multi Select List column type

We've replaced list column type with single select list and multi select list column types.

Now you can display different kinds of lists in the grid. 

Grid history

You can track grid changes using grid history tab. More details.

Columns grouping

You can group grid's data by columns. More details.

Export/import grid configuration

You can now export and import grid configuration. You can re-use configuration in multiple grids with less efforts. 

This feature helps our support engineers to get all details of your configuration when troubleshooting. You need to export the configuration and send it in the support request. More details.


  • TGC-447 - Fixed table grid to display correctly on service desk customer's portal for user that are not logged in
  • TGC-498 - Fixed grid to be modified via REST API
  • TGC-432 - Improved validation of the columns mapping in the configuration of the grid datasources

  • TGC-446 - Improved error messages for datasources

Version 1.9.5 (Atlassian:1.1.16-AC)

Released: 21 November  2018


  • TGC-486 - Fixed grid doesn't appear on the Jira Service Desk Customers portal because of 500 error

Version 1.9.4 (Atlassian:1.1.16-AC)

Released: 16 November  2018


  • TGNGUI-205 - Fixed the column width not fitting on grid edit

  • TGC-480 - Fixed horizontal scroll not working correctly

  • TGC-481 - Fixed cannot select option from the select list in Google Chrome 

Version 1.9.3 (Atlassian:1.1.16-AC)

Released: 19 October  2018


  • TGC-478 - Fixed grid not saving the configuration with over 50 projects in the grid scope

Version 1.9.2 (Atlassian:1.1.16-AC)

Released: 10 July  2018


  • TGC-463 - Fixed grid column could not be removed

Version 1.9.1 (Atlassian:1.1.16-AC)

Released: 6 July  2018


  • TGC-457 - Fixed the search button not rendering

Version 1.9.0 (Atlassian:1.1.15-AC)

Released: 17 April  2018

Data sources

We've introduced the possibility to initialize the grid with an external data source, which is located on a remote web server.

You can access a remote REST API through the URL.

Create grids which can be populated with data from the remote REST API data source. Retrieve data from any web-service into the list column.

List column type dynamic options 

We've added dynamic options into the list column type. Now you can load options from an external data source in the list.
Also, you can combine static and dynamic options in one list.


  • TGC-415 - Fixed losing static data when change General Configuration properties

Version 1.8.0 (Atlassian:1.1.14-AC)

Released: 1 March 2018

Textarea column type

We've added textarea column type. Now you can add plain text in a grid.

Row height configuration

Now you can set the row height in the grid general settings. 

Version 1.7.0 (Atlassian:1.1.14-AC)

Released: 14 February 2018

Formula column type improvements

We've added formula aggregation. Now you can aggregate formula results in a grid.

Grid data indexing 

We've improved the search functionality by adding the Indexing of the existing data.
Now it does not matter when the JQL configuration was created. You will be able to find all the issues that match the JQL query.

JQL simplification 

We've simplified the JQL functionality and made it more user-friendly. 


  • TGC-252 - Columns' width adjustment options available by default

Version 1.6.2 (Atlassian:1.1.13-AC)

Released: 23 December 2017


  • TGC-379 - JWT expiration verification

Version 1.6.1 (Atlassian:1.1.13-AC)

Released: 19 December 2017


  • TGC-252 - Hipchat notifications

Version 1.6.0 (Atlassian:1.1.13-AC)

Released: 26 December 2017

Sequence column type

You can use new sequence column type, that provides you a possibility to add an auto-countable column. More info here: Sequence Column Type


  • TGC-319 - Add support for importing date like columns data from files
  • TGC-335 - Improve flag notification

Version 1.5.2 (Atlassian:1.1.13-AC)

Released: 20 December 2017


  • TGC-357 - JQL Dialog contains corrupted chars

Version 1.5.1 (Atlassian:1.1.12-AC)

Released: 19 December 2017


  • TGC-349 - Column Index Not Saved On Static Data

Version 1.5.0 (Atlassian:1.1.12-AC)

Released: 19 December 2017

JQL search support

You can use now data from your gird in JQL queries. To achieve this, you should map grid columns to our predefined aliases and use those aliases in the search. More info here: How to set up and use JQL search


  • TGC-329 - Duplicating list option when editing existing one
  • TGC-330 - Undefined props error when trying to change saved column type

Version 1.4.2 (Atlassian:1.1.11-AC)

Released: 8 December 2017


  • TGC-322 - Static Data Disappears When Adding A New Column
  • TGC-331 - Eternal beforeunload window event on configuration page

Version 1.4.1 (Atlassian:1.1.11-AC)

Released: 7 December 2017


Version 1.4.0 (Atlassian:1.1.11-AC)

Released: 6 December 2017

Formula calculations

You can display the result of any calculations based on grid values in the separate column. A formula is based on JavaScript and makes it very flexible and powerful tool. More info here: Formulas in a grid.

Static data in the grid

You can pre-populate the grid with some static data - add it manually or import from file. This data displays as a default value in the grid. More info here: Static data in a grid.


  • TGC-154 - Column identifiers should not contain spaces
  • TGC-157 - Project Key changes are not supported
  • TGC-260 - Cannot remove summary
  • TGC-282 - Bottom toolbar hides after row actions apear
  • TGC-283 - Import on Service Desk's create request


  • TGC-290 - Add support for importing date like columns data from files
  • TGC-312 - Make the notification go away after a preset time

Version 1.3.0 (Atlassian:1.1.10-AC)

Released: 21 November 2017

Import data from CSV and Excel

You can import data from table files such as CSV and Excel


  • TGC-248 - As a user I can enter a non existing user name in the grid
  • TGC-256 - Long column names cause problems with deleting the column
  • TGC-259 - Select all problem when render two grids per issue

Version 1.2.0 (Atlassian:1.1.10-AC)

Released: 10 November 2017

Service Desk compatibility

Now it's possible to add grids into Service Desk Projects. Grids are available in Create Request and View Request screens.

One grid over multiple projects

One grid can be added to multiple projects. 

Filtering data 

Filters are available in the data grid. Support expressions in filtering.

Improved navigation in edit mode

Column types and rows can be set using only keyboards.

Added copy/move row action

It's possible to copy and move selected rows.

Multiple grids per issue 

Multiple grids per issue can be added.

Confirmation pop-up when canceling configuration progress

If changes in the grid are not saved, confirmation modal dialog should pop up. 

Version 0.5.0 (Atlassian:1.1.9-AC)

Released: 17 October 2017

Size configuration for columns and grids

Columns might have custom width be set now. For those columns which width is not defined the width will be evenly distributed among all.

Resizing of а column is also available. By default, all columns are fixed, but with enabling resizing property the width of the columns might be expanded or reduced.

Grid size is not fixed anymore. It is possible now to set custom height for the grid.

Read-only columns

Since it is possible to set a default value for a column, we've introduced read-only columns. It can be achieved by disabling 'editable' property in the column's configuration.


  • TGC-151 - Not able to reorder columns
  • TGC-159 - Grid without columns
  • TGC-192 - Column id faild with white space at the end
  • TGC-193- Imposible to set 0.x to number column
  • TGC-199 - Columns order breaks after configuration is edited
  • TGC-200 - DefaultValue formatter on number column
  • TGC-203 - Delete column pop-up does not support keyboard
  • TGC-204 - Creation of options for list column in simple mode
  • TGC-205 - Order of options is not saving in simple config


  • TGC-145 - When hovering over an icon provide the detail what it represents
  • TGC-196 - Warning alert on config page refresh
  • TGC-216 - Move from Olark to Intercom

Version 0.4.0 (Atlassian:1.1.9-AC)

Released: 4 October 2017

New column type - User List

User List - is an autocomplete dropdown list with JIRA Users.  Users in the list are displayed with their avatars and names.

Required Columns

Columns now can be set as required - therefore users will have to fill in a cell of the specific column.

Column's Default Value

Now it's possible to predefine data for the column.

Summary calculations

Now it is possible to calculate column's data using different aggregation operations: 

  • sum 
  • avg
  • min
  • max
  • count

The result value will be shown in table footer.

Grid position can be changed

Grid is no longer stocked to the top of issue-view. We defined 4 places on issue-view where Grid might be placed:

  • Before description
  • Before details
  • Before attachments
  • Before activity


  • TGC-180 - Bottom toolbar render problem on big screen

Version 0.3.3 (Atlassian: 1.1.6-AC)

  • Improve the way of storing and setting date/time formats

Released: 19 September 2017


  • TGC-162 - improve the way of storing and setting date/time formats

Version 0.3.2 (Atlassian: 1.1.6-AC)

  • Fix datetime picker size on grid squeeze
  • Small basic mode imporovements

Released: 14 September 2017



  • TGC-155 - improve date/time in basic mode by adding additional information about formats

Version 0.3.1 (Atlassian: 1.1.6-AC)

  • Fix bugs with rendering list options in basic mode and add mantissa validation for number field

Released: 13 September 2017



  • TGC-147 - improve naming for list options

Version 0.3.0 (Atlassian: 1.1.6-AC)

  • Introduce the simple mode for grid configuration
  • Provide the support for Checkbox and DateTime column types

Released: 12 September 2017


  • TGC-56 - Grid configuration basic mode
  • TGC-58 - Checkbox column type
  • TGC-57 - Datetime column type

Version 0.2.0

Enabling licensing.

Released: 18 August 2017


  • TGC-105 - Help text doesn't correspond with action


  • TGC-120 - Improve issue types and project selection in configuration

  • TGC-55 - Create a list with autocomplete

Version 0.1.1

Internal release. Small changes under the hood.

Released: 11 August 2017



  • TGC-114 - Provide HipChat notifications on TGC install uninstall

Version 0.1.0

Initial release. Beta version.

Released: 2 August 2017


  • TGC-7 - Grid Admin Section
  • TGC-8 - Configuration of the Grid
  • TGC-9 - Getting Started of TGE and user feedback
  • TGC-10 - Init project
  • TGC-18 - Grid Builder back-end
  • TGC-19 - Grid ui representation
  • TGC-44 - TGC deployment


  • TGC-68 - Default configuration

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