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Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Cloud offers a user-friendly solution for tables in JIRA Cloud. It allows you to gather and structure your data related to an issue in one single table. You can easily add and manage data using different column types and custom fields.


Improves Jira functionality with intuitive spreadsheets interface

Add lists and spreadsheet-like tables in an issue. 

It supports a wide area of use cases such as lists, surveys, onboarding activities, component/version tracking, quote-line items, employee history and much more. Keyboard editing is also supported.

Read-only grids

Use View Field grids for demonstrating data on the issue view without having a possibility to modify the data. Connect external databases to populate the read-only tables with the data.

Multiple column types

Intuitively configure your table columns with a variety of column types like text strings, text area, numbers, integers, dates, datetimes, single select list, multi select list, checkboxes, formula, sequence and users.

Easily rearrange tables, columns and rows

Choose the location of the table(s) in your issue view. The height of the table can completely be configured. You can also easily rearrange row and column order.

Support for Jira and Jira Service Desk

Table Grids are now embeddable in Jira Core, Jira Software and in the customer portal of your Jira Service Desk. Great for adding lists of activities, to-do’s and checklists such as for onboarding or change requests.

Multiple tables in one issue

Add multiple tables to an issue.

One grid over multiple projects

Easy to use the same grid configuration for different projects.

Filter data within tables

Easily filter data in your tables. Expressions in filters are supported. 


Intuitive column configuration 

Available following configuration capabilities: set default values, make a column required, configure the size of a column.

Import/Export grid data 

Import data from the existing CSV or Excel files into your grid. You can also export table to the PDF.CSV/Excel files.

JavaScript based formulas

Create a formula using JavaScript and display the result in the grid. We've added separate column type, which allows calculating data from the existing columns. 

Check the documentation for more details.

Grid change history

Track the grid  recent changes made to a grid under the Grid History tab.

JQL search by the grid's content

Use grid's content in the advanced Jira search now. We've implemented a possibility to search by the content, located inside a grid.

Intuitive JQL search helper help generating query as you type.

Check the documentation for more details.

Grid and list initialization with an external REST or SQL data source

We've introduced the possibility to initialize the grid with an external data source, which is located on a remote web server.

You can access a remote REST API through the URL.

Create grids which can be populated with data from the remote REST API data source. Retrieve data from any web-service into the list column.

Check the documentation for more details.

Import/Export grid configuration 

You can download the configuration of your grid as a .json file and then import it to another grid.It helps you in migration cases and allows our support team to troubleshoot your problem faster.

Let's go and create a table to see how it works!