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This page contains information about the grid configuration its properties and features.  Find all details about the functionality here. 

Column Types

You can use different data types in grid with the help of available column types.

Data import into a grid

Import from CSV and Excel (.xlsx and .xsl) files is available. Moreover, it's possible to import several files into the grid, predefined with some data. 

Filterable options

You can filter data within the grid using available filtering options.

Static data in a grid

You can pre-populate the grid with some static data. It should be added in the grid configuration page.

Formulas in a grid

Use formula as a separate column or as an aggregation option within other column types. You can input formula inside embedded JavaScript Editor and get results on the grid view. The grid can process formula logic and display formula results.

Lists in a grid

Searching data with a JQL query

You can search issue by grid data.

Multi Cell Copy support

In Table Grid Cloud you can copy your data to multiple cells at the same time.

Data sources

The data sources allow to specify how to connect the grid to an external database, located on a remote server. You can reuse a connection in multiple grids. 

Dynamic list

Add a drop-down list with options into a grid. Use the dynamic list to select options from the previously connected data source.

Data source HTTP basic authentication

The data source is stored on a web-server. If the web server with your data source supports HTTP basic authentication, you will need to configure it in the data source configuration.

Predefined date and time presets based on locale

Table Grid for Jira Cloud provides a set of date and time presets for Date, DateTime and Time column types. These presets are based on locale.

Data storage in Table Grid Cloud

We use Atlassian Connect Framework to integrate Table Grid Editor with Jira Cloud. The Table Grid is a web application that operates remotely over HTTP. It appears as a fully integrated part of Jira Cloud.

Date/Time format rules

Date, Time and DateTime column types allow to set the formatting for displayed data in the column. Check available format options in this article.

Export/import grid configuration

You can download the configuration of your grid as a .json file and then import it to another grid.

How to create formula

You can execute different operations using formulas in the grid. the formula is based on JavaScript.

Jira values placeholders

Get data from Jira objects and use them to populate the grid.   

Column values placeholders

Create dependent columns like cascading select lists in a grid using column values placeholders.

Retrieving option attribute values from list columns