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As you already know there are some basic settings in a grid configuration. Here you can find details about these settings. The configuration is applicable for both Grid and View fields.

Basically grid settings are divided into 3 blocks:

  • Name and Description - requires setting a name and description for the grid;

  • Scopes - defines the project and issue types on which you want to display the grid;

  • Configuration - includes Columns, General Settings, and Data Sources sections.

Columns: here you can add and configure columns. All of the existing columns will be displayed here.

General settings:

 The grid configuration includes general settings tab. It helps you to customize the grid's general appearance and preview changes on the go.

 Grid height is px

The height of a grid, visible on an issue view. By default, it's set to 385px and you can adapt it to your needs. 

You can also set the size to adjust automatically depending on the number of the added rows. In that case, the height specified would be considered as the maximum height.

The preview block below the settings shows how the grid looks with the specified height.

Row height in lines (1 line = 35px)

You can set custom row height for a grid, measured in lines. One line is 35px height.

Data Sources: you can initialize grid from an external data source under this tab.

Below you can see the grid itself. It's possible to edit data directly from here or using the issue view.

Start editing data inside the grid by clicking 'pencil' button, then use 'plus' button to add rows. Once you've finished, click 'tick' button to save changes.

Hot key's available:

  • Ctrl+i - insert the row
  • Ctrl+s - save changes
  • Esc - cancel changes

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