This article shows examples of scripts, which can be used in various use cases.

These scripts are examples and need to be adapted to your specific use cases to work.


Script / Article linkUsed toSupported platforms
Versions.groovySync versions

Components.groovySync components

Subscribe to Exalate Jira issue events:

  • exalated
  • unexalated
  • updated
  • deleted

Status.groovySync statuses

IssueLinks.groovySync issue links

Move.groovyMove issues automatically

CustomFieldSync.groovySync custom fields

SubTask.groovySync sub tasks

Epic.groovySync epics on Jira Server / Jira Data Center

TempoWorkLogSyncSync Tempo worklogs


Check out How to sync sprints in Jira on-premise for relevant info on syncing sprints.

Sync sprints

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