All you need to know before installing the Exalate app for ServiceNow.

Supported Operating system and version

Virtualization support

Exalate for ServiceNow is a tomcat application and can run on any virtual machine (VMware, VirtualBox, ...)

Network interface speed requirements

Memory requirements(RAM)

At least 4GB of memory 


A dual-core CPU, sufficient for syncing ~ 200 transactions per hour.

Storage Requirements(disk Size)

Depends on the amount of synchronization you will be performing (especially attachment size, if attachments would be synchronized).

The minimal required Disk Space =  (The application itself weights 69MB) + Java install (~200Mb) + Postgres Install (~200MB) + application data size.

One synced issue (with default sync rules) takes a couple of KBytes.

The average disk space used: 762MB (application install+java+configuration) + 264MB (database) + 98MB (data)

Virus protection exclusions

Not tested with any. If you encounter any particular problems we will help you with resolving them. 

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