You can synchronize Zendesk tickets with other work management systems, supported by Exalate.

Exalate has a distributed architecture. Exalate for Zendesk converts issue tracker data to a common issue format and the other way around.

You can exchange the following data between a Zendesk ticket and a Jira issue:

Check out Zendesk fields and entities available for synchronization for more details.

Configuring Exalate for Zendesk

To start syncing your Zendesk tickets:

1. Install Exalate.

You can install Exalate for Zendesk directly from the Zendesk marketplace. The app is hosted on our server.

When installing Exalate for the first time, you complete a verification procedure. After completing it Exalate will:

Check out Install Exalate for Zendesk for more information.

2. Set up a connection.

Exalate can sync data after a connection between two instances is established.

Exalate for Zendesk has connections in Visual mode and in Script Mode.

Setting up a Visual mode connection is easier: you can do it on your end without using scripts. For Visual mode connections, you need to have admin access for both instances.

Script mode connections use scripts, which makes them more flexible, and more useful for advanced use cases.

Check out Set up a connection in Exalate for Zendesk for more information.

3. Start syncing tickets.

You can start the synchronization of tickets on Zendesk in different ways: 

Configure the sync behavior of your use case with the help of the Zendesk configuration guides.