You can synchronize with any of the supported issue tracking platforms.

You can integrate Jira Cloud issues with the following platforms:

Jira Cloud to Jira Cloud synchronization

Jira Cloud to Jira Server synchronization

Install Exalate


Set up a Connection

Synchronization between two instances requires a configured Connection.

One side needs to initiate the connection and send an invitation to the partner (the Destination instance). 

The other side, depending on the Exalate version, needs to finish the configuration from their side. 

You can synchronize with different issue tracking platforms. For example, you can sync between your JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server, even if your JIRA server is not accessible from the outside network.

You can also sync local projects within the same Jira Instance. For more details check typical use cases

To start synchronization with your partner - Initiate Connection

If you have an Invitation code - Accept an Invitation.

Synchronize an issue

Go to an issue and use the Exalate button to start synchronization.

Find out more ways to synchronize issues automatically.

Configure the synchronization behavior of your use case with the help of Jira Cloud configuration guides.