Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for  HP ALM/QC on Jan 12, 2020

From now on, you will receive a verification link when registering an instance. This makes it easier to finish the evaluation process and create an Exalate proxy user account. Besides, this feature also improves security. We also improved the general performance of Exalate, made various interface updates, and bug fixes

You can download the latest version of Exalate for HP ALM/QC at the HP ALM/QC: Download page.

In this release


HPQCNODE-962We updated the process of registering an Exalate instance. From now on, you will receive a verification link to your email. This simplifies the getting an evaluation license and creating an Exalate admin account. Also, this feature improves security
EXACOMP-979Improved performance by reworking the data storage mechanism
EXACOMP-972Implemented lazy loading. This improves performance by not overloading memory with data
EXACOMP-967Added possibility to access customer monitor
EXACOMP-789Improved general load time by updating the codebase

Bug fixes

HPQCNODE-964Fixed bug with sessions overloading after an unsuccessful logout
HPQCNODE-949Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to sync more than 100 entities with Bulk Exalate
EXACOMP-922Fixed bug with pop-up alignment when going to an error from the Connections tab
SNOWNODE-275Fixed bug where only one entity was shown as synced in Bulk Connect operations
EXAEDIT-1186Fixed bug with license limitation showing incorrectly in Bulk Exalate

UI updates

EXACOMP-285Updated the look of the License Details section
EXACOMP-787Updated the notification after making a Bulk Connect
EXACOMP-964Bulk Connect and Triggers tabs load faster
EXACOMP-621Removed the template selection for script connections
EXACOMP-798Added placeholders to If clauses in triggers and Destination Instance field