Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA SERVER on Dec 28, 2020

In this release, we've added a new interface to set up a connection between instances. You can use it if you have admin access to both instances.  Check out Setting up a Visual mode connection in Exalate for Jira Server for more details. 

In this release


JIRANODE-3106upgraded to scala 2.12 and play 2.8 dependencies
EXACOMP-655Improved Triggers to be available only in case you have connections
EXACOMP-773Improved Publish button to work as Publish and Resolve in case connection has errors
EXACOMP-775Improved Licensing page to be more user-friendly
EXACOMP-784Improved how Publish button works in visual connections
EXACOMP-798Improved input fields to show placeholder text examples
EXACOMP-840Added shortcut key to publish connection rules
EXACOMP-844Improved Sync Queue

Added spinner when downloading file

EXACOMP-871Security improvements
EXACOMP-914Improved how triggers work
EXACOMP-916Added limit the number of character in connection name
EXACOMP-927Error list improvements
EXAEDIT-1092Improved polling time for the access token

Bug fixes

EXACOMP-715Fixed Bulk Connect to work correctly
EXACOMP-722Fixed the error page to work correctly
EXACOMP-757Fixed the problem with connection deletion 
EXACOMP-877Fixed the triggers to work correctly
EXAEDIT-1041Fixed Go to remote button to work correctly
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