Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for  ZENDESK on Dec 17, 2020

We improved Exalate performance by optimizing memory consumption. Also, we updated the look of the Subscribe to Exalate screen and fixed various bugs.

In this release


EXACOMP-956Improved app performance by optimizing memory consumption

Bug fixes

EASE-7045Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to Bulk Exalate issues in Zendesk
ZENDESK-298Fixed bug with the host going down after a large amount of sync failures
EXAEDIT-1186Fixed bug with license limitation showing incorrectly in Bulk Exalate
EXAEDIT-1182Fixed bug where filters weren't working correctly when refreshing the page
JIRANODE-3185Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to set up a Visual mode connection after modifying the Destination instance URL
JIRANODE-3183Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to set up a Visual connection because of long loading time
EXAEDIT-1180Fixed bug where automatic and manual sync wasn't working in Visual mode connections if there were many conditions

UI updates

EXACOMP-682Updated the look of Subscribe to Exalate screen
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