Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for  GITHUB on Nov 2, 2020

From now on, you can sync up to 1000 issues per month with the Evaluation license. Also, we made a lot of performance improvements, bug fixes, and interface updates.

In this release


GITHUBNODE-176You can now sync up to 1000 issues per month with the Evaluation license
GITHUBNODE-164Made OAuth the main login type
EXACOMP-850Improved performance of Clean-up tools
JCLOUD-1484Improved triggers performance
EXACOMP-842Connections list in Clean-up tools now loads faster
EXACOMP-802Improved text field sync in description between Azure DevOps and Jira
SNOWNODE-230Improved sync performance by only polling entities that are already synced
ADNODE-230Improved app security
EXACOMP-785Added possibility to resolve all errors in a specific connection
EXACOMP-776Improved app performance
ZENDESK-234Updated the retry mechanism to reduce the amount of sync errors
EXAEDIT-910Improved field options search when adding field mapping
EXACOMP-734Added identification of nodes for license enforcement
JCLOUD-1429Added possibility to create triggers with empty queries
ZENDESK-165From now on, Exalate can sync Requester and Assignee fields from Zendesk
EXACOMP-670Added email notifications when a license limit is nearing it's end

Bug fixes

GITHUBNODE-179Fixed bug with triggers sometimes not created
EASE-6363Fixed bug with issues not syncing when adding a description
EASE-6246Fixed bug with sync crashing when editing comments in Jira Server
EXACOMP-862Fixed bug with issue attachments not synced in private to public connections
EXAEDIT-1081Fixed Copy invitation code alignment in Safari
EXACOMP-571Fixed bug with Work item field higlighted as an error when doing a Clean-up
EXACOMP-715Fixed bug with data, attachments, and comments not syncing in Bulk connect
EXACOMP-838Fixed problem with blank page showing up in Connection section during connection errors
EXACOMP-819Fixed bug where Exalate was shown as uninstalled if you input the incorrect destination instance URL
EASE-5917Fixed bug with Epic name not syncing properly
JCLOUD-1449Fixed bug with some comments always shown as updated
EXACOMP-793Fixed bug with an error message appearing when accessing the login screen
EXACOMP-732From now on, Exalate collects stats on what onboarding messages were viewed
EXACOMP-757Fixed bug with instance crashing when a connection is deleted
EXAEDIT-1059Fixed error with project not loading when creating connection through visual mode
ADNODE-184Fixed problem with instance crashing when connections were deleted
EXAEDIT-1009Fixed bug with large JQL queries being cut off in the trigger deletion pop-up
EXACOMP-733Fixed bug when other tabs except License Details weren't accessible with the Network license
JCLOUD-1420Fixed bug with mapping error being displayed as a "missing description" error
EXACOMP-645Fixed bug where filter by connection was not saved after pressing Refresh in the Errors tab
EXACOMP-713Fixed problem when Delete connection button was not responsive for slow connections
EXACOMP-727Fixed bug with menus not showing after adding a license to an unlicensed copy
EXACOMP-726Fixed problem with loading a support .zip file when syncing a lot of issues
ZENDESK-235Fixed issue when syncing comments between Zendesk and Jira Cloud
ZENDESK-231Fixed bug with error messages displaying the email of the remote instance
EXACOMP-721Fixed attachment handling when adding attachment during sync

UI updates

EXACOMP-798Added placeholders to If clauses in triggers and Destination Instance field
EXACOMP-625Updated UI in the Accept invitation screen
JIRANODE-3092Visual mode is now unavailable for private connections
SNOWNODE-224Entity type is now required when adding triggers
EXACOMP-731Added link to Generate invitation for pending connections
EXACOMP-775Updated the look of 30-day trial button
EXACOMP-817Updated the Subscribe to Exalate section
EXACOMP-800Added hints on how to work with errors
EXACOMP-801Updated the buttons when selecting visual or scripting modes
EXACOMP-820Updated error message when you input the incorrect destination instance url
EXACOMP-784Updated behavior of Publish button for slower internet connection
EXACOMP-682Updated the look of the Subscribe to Exalate screen
EXACOMP-809Changed style of script editors
EXACOMP-708Added text and video tips for Initiate connection, Accept invitation buttons, and Pending status
EXACOMP-781Updated fonts in the Add trigger window
EXACOMP-773Publish button is now named Publish and resolve if there are errors with connection
EXAEDIT-1005Fixed text inconsistency in the entity filters when creating a connection
EXACOMP-655Triggers can be created only after creating a connection
EXACOMP-705Added Go to remote button after copying the invitation code
EXAEDIT-991Updated text in Delete Trigger, Bulk Exalate, Bulk Unexalate, and other confirmation screens
EXACOMP-638Fixed formatting of windows with action buttons
EXACOMP-644Fixed formatting of pages in the bottom of the Connections tab
EXAEDIT-832Now you can access our license agreement from the Getting Started tab
EXAEDIT-1015Added a JQL reference in the Connection and Trigger tabs
EXACOMP-731Added a link to generate invitation on Pending status
JIRANODE-3032Updated information in the Support tab
JIRANODE-2779Added a progress indicator that a clean-up has started
EXACOMP-728Added loading animation for processes that take time, such as bulk Exalate, or bulk Unexalate
EXACOMP-724Action icons for connections are always visible instead of on hover
EXACOMP-704Added Configure Sync button to set up sync scope after creating a connection with a script
EXACOMP-758Added possibility to close pop-up windows by clicking outside of the window

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