Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for AZURE DEVOPS on Oct 13, 2020

Fixed bug with attached images not syncing, made various UI improvements, and bug fixes

In this release

ADNODE-77Fixed bug with images not syncing in comments or description
EXACOMP-731Added link to Generate invitation for pending connections
EXACOMP-775Updated the 30-day Trial button
EXACOMP-819Fixed bug where Exalate was shown as uninstalled if you input the incorrect destination instance URL
EXACOMP-800Added hints on how to work with errors
EXACOMP-801Updated user interface in the Initiate connection screen
EXACOMP-820Updated error message when you input the incorrect destination instance url
EXACOMP-784Fixed behaviour of Publish button for slower internet connection
EXACOMP-682Updated the look of Subscribe to Exalate screen
EXACOMP-809Changed style of the script editor
EASE-5917Fixed bug with Epic name not syncing properly