Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA CLOUD on Aug 31, 2020

We raised the amount of syncs for the trial license. Also, we made various UI improvements and bug fixes.

In this release

  • EXACOMP-721 — Fixed issue when adding an attachment to an issue that is already in sync
  • EXACOMP-724 — Action icons for connections are always visible instead of on hover
  • JIRANODE-2779 — Added loading animation after starting a sync clean-up
  • EXACOMP-726 — Fixed bug with large instances going down after generating a support .zip file
  • EXACOMP-727 — Fixed error when menus not being available after entering a license
  • EXACOMP-728 — Added loading animation for processes that take time, such as bulk Exalate, or bulk Unexalate
  • EXACOMP-645 — Fixed problem when sync errors for a specific connection were not shown after refreshing the page
  • EXACOMP-731 — Added link to the Generate invitation option after a connection is pending
  • EXAEDIT-1015 — Added link to the documentation from the Trigger creation menu
  • JCLOUD-1420 — Fixed bug with missing description errors being recognized as mapping errors
  • EXAEDIT-991 — Updated UI for various confirmation messages when deleting triggers, bulk Exalate, bulk Unexalate, and others
  • JCLOUD-1428 — Fixed issue when syncing comments between Zendesk and Jira Cloud
  • EXACOMP-733 — Fixed problem when you were redirected to the license screen when connecting with a network license
  • EXACOMP-723 — Fixed UI for the Go to remote button when creating a local connection
  • JCLOUD-1430 — Updated the error message when a non-existing customfield is synced
  • JCLOUD-1440 — You can now sync up to 1000 licenses in the trial version