Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA CLOUD on Aug 04, 2020

In this release, we've added user, option, and text field mappings. We've also improved the evaluation license: now you can synchronize up to 65 new issues per the evaluation period.

In this release

  • EXAEDIT-901 - Added support for user, option and test fields mapping
  • EXE-779 - Improved evaluation license: you can synchronize up to 65 new issues per the evaluation period
  • SNOWNODE-187 - Fixed the trigger to work correctly 
  • ADNODE-184 - Fixed the problem with deleting connections that crashed the system with an overload of memory
  • JCLOUD-1380 - Fixed the problem with scope configuration in the visual mode connection
  • EXAEDIT-769 - Fixed the mapping save button to work correctly 
  • EXAEDIT-910 - Improved field options search when adding the field mapping
  • JCLOUD-1386 - Added possibility to synchronize Epic Name custom field in visual mapping
  • EXAEDIT-1015 - Added the reference link on how to use JQL in triggers for edit connection/trigger section
  • JCLOUD-1424 - Performance improvements
  • EXAEDIT-982 - Added placeholders text for user inputs in visual mapping
  • EASE-5135 - Fixed the error handling to work correctly