Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA CLOUD on May 08, 2020

In this release, we’ve added some improvements and bug fixes.

In this release

  • EXAEDIT-792 - Added possibility to map custom fields 

  • JCLOUD-1371 - Fixed the problem with the connection established checking for Jira Cloud - Zendesk connections

  • EXAEDIT-883 - Improved triggers screen

  • EXACOMP-596 - Fixed details & display for status

  • EXE-499 - Fixed the problems with the Support screen

  • EXAEDIT-894 - Stability improvements 

  • EXACOMP-416 - Improved confirmation message for clean-up tools
  • EXAEDIT-899 - Improved connection establishing performance to be 5x faster

  • EXACOMP-529 - Fixed the problem with naming on some screens

  • EXACOMP-529 - Improved Sync Queue to indicate an error and possibility to switch to error details

  • EXAEDIT-686 - Added validation messages to the mapping table
  • EXACOMP-515 - Improved error creation date
  • EXAEDIT-687 - Improved sync rules collapse/expand 
  • EXAEDIT-889 - Improved the connection details loading
  • EXAEDIT-813 - Improved the id in the Sync Queue to fit 8digit ids
  • EXACOMP-833 - Added an active link to the issue tracker URL
  • EXACOMP-589 - Improved the addedComments to be configured in the Incoming sync
  • EXACOMP-590 - Added issue tracker URL to the Exalate add dashboard log in screen 
  • EXACOMP-588 - Improved update events processing 
  • EXAEDIT-686 - Added an error message to filter button and fixed errors for scope tab