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This article shows how to find the column name of the ServiceNow field.

The display name and the column name of the field are different in ServiceNow. When you synchronize ServiceNow fields you need to use the field column name, not the display name.

You can find the column name of the field in the Tables&Columns configuration.

Please follow the steps below to get the name of a field you want to synchronize.

1. Navigate to Tables&Columns

2. Select the entity table from the list

Exalate supports the following entities on ServiceNow:

  • Incident
  • Customer Case from Case Management module (warning)the table name is sn_customerservice_case
  • Problem 
  • Change Request from Change Management module

3. Select the field you want to get the name of

4. Find the name in the Attributes list 

For example, the field with display name Resolution notes has the column name close_notes

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