Released for HP QC/ALM on Nov 21, 2018

 In this release, we've introduced External scripts library. Now you can store Sync Rules scripts in an external directory on the server. We've also improved in-app Getting started and Network license usages screen.

Externalized scripts library

You can configure a complex synchronization case with a reduced amount of code inside the Sync Rules. It allows making changes to your Exalate configuration easier and version scripts whenever you need it.

To get the autosuggestion of variables and Jira API set up an integrated development environment. More details about external scripts library.

Support page

We've added in-app Support page, which includes Generate file button.

You can generate the file and share it with the support agent when submitting a support request.  It includes Jira and Exalate log files.

Our support engineers will use this file to troubleshoot your synchronization-related problems.

Fixes in this release

  • EXE-342 - Added possibility to generate a support zip file with logs
  • HPQCNODE-807 - Added external scripts library
  • HPQCNODE-804 - Added Sync Rules logging under com.exalate.script package
  • HPQCNODE-816 - Improved Getting started page