There are certain cases when you need to stop a defect synchronization at some point. Since the Exalate app for HP QC/ALM is installed on a separate server it does not have a built-in feature that helps to stop sync directly on a defect.

A typical use case is when you, for example, need to stop one specific project synchronization.

This article shows how to stop defect synchronization. Please follow the steps below to stop the synchronization:

  1. Stop the Exalate server for HP QC/ALM
    In order to do that you should execute the query on the physical server where the Exalate server is installed.


    You should get a root access to the host and execute the query as a root user.

    /etc/init.d/hpqcnode stop

  2. Uninstall the Exalate for HP QC from the host by running

    yum remove exalate-hpqcnode-0.9.20.rpm
    //replace 0.9.20 with your exalate-hpqcnode version

  3. Ensure that Exalate does not try to sync anything from Jira to HP QC/ALM
    In order to do that disable the Connection from JIRA instance side: Jira - Administration - Exalate - Connections - edit Connection - toggle the "Active" box to change the status.

  4. To dispose of the Exalate's sync panel for the issues, navigate to Support Tools and then clean up sync by Connection. 


Remove the post-function to Unexalate the issue on JIRA Server

You can find the list of workflows which use Exalate's post functions by executing an SQL query to your Jira Database.

To find which particular transition is using Exalate's post-functions conditions and validators:

  1. Export workflows into xml
  2. Open the file in a text editor

  3. Find all occurrences of com.exalate
  4. Find the closest enclosing tag <action and you will find an id and a name of the transition which uses Exalate post-function is and

    In this example the transition id=711 and transition name="Escalate"

 <action id="711" name="Escalate">
          <meta name="jira.description"></meta>
            <unconditional-result old-status="Not Done" status="Done" step="1">
                <function type="class">
                  <arg name="full.module.key">com.exalate.jiranodeescalate-now</arg>
                  <arg name="RelationID">2</arg>
                  <arg name="">com.exalate.trigger.EscalateNow</arg>


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