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This page describes the status mapping between HP ALM/QC and JIRA Instances.


Let's consider you already have the Connection configured between two Instances. Now you need to configure Sync Rules to synchronize statuses.

The scripts include statuses mapping settings.

Configure Synchronization processors with the scripts provided below.  Follow the link and copy its content to the corresponding processor.

Source side (Jira Server)

Check status synchronization on Jira Server on how to configure Jira Server side. 

Destination side (HPQC)

Outgoing sync

To send defects statuses add the code provided below 

replica.status = defect.status

Incoming sync

To apply information received from Jira issues on your local defects you need to configure the status mapping. 

Use the code provided below.

def statusMapping = [

        // Jira issue status <-> HP ALM defect status
          "To Do" : "New",
          "In Progress" : "Open",
          "Done" : "Closed"

def qcDefaultStatus = "New"
def qcStatusName    = statusMapping[replica.status?.name] ?: qcDefaultStatus
defect.status       = qcHelper.getStatus(qcStatusName)