One of the most important details when configuring synchronization between multiple JIRA Instances is issue type field.

Jira issue.type is an object with a set of properties such as name, id, etc.

When syncing issue type you can send the whole object or string property (issue.type object property).

Below you can see examples of the scripts that helps to sync issue type in different ways.

Sync Rules include issue type sync by default. You can adapt the script to your needs.

Source side

Outgoing sync

  • Send the issue.type object(This script is included in the default sync rules).

replica.type = issue.type

  • Send issue.typeName string property

replica.typeName =

Destination side

Incoming sync

  • Set an issue.typeName to Task for all incoming issues

issue.typeName = replica.type?.name ?: "Task"

  • Set an issue.type for incoming issues as received from the source side

issue.typeName = replica.typeName

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