The Exalate servers were not accessible and interface claimed that service is not available. I've noticed that some of the changes were not synchronized, but the synchronization status shows "synchronized".


  1. Go to Administration (gear box) > Add-ons (option) > Exalate (section) > Triggers (section item)
  2. Are you already using triggers?
    1. Yes, we are using triggers:
      1. If you already use triggers, press Bulk Exalate and confirm the operation for all enabled triggers.
    2. No, we are not using triggers yet:
      1. If you are not using triggers, click "Add Trigger"
        1. fill in JQL query that would find all the issues that you currently synchronize

          If you are not certain, which issues in your system are under synchronization, please contact our Support

        2. choose the relation, under which you want to synchronize all of these issues

          If your issues are currently synchronized under different relation, you'll have to repeat this process for each relation.
          If you are not sure, which issues are synchronized under which relation, please contact our Support

        3. switch the activation toggle to the "deactivated" (disabled / off) position
        4. submit the trigger creation
      2. click "Bulk Exalate" and confirm the operation
      3. remove the Trigger

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