Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Released for JIRA ON-PREMISE on June 8, 2022

In this release, we've added some bug fixes.

In this release

Bug fixes

  • JIRANODE-3221 Fixed the issue with cookies getting logged
  • JIRANODE-3479 Fixed the Server error (500) that appeared when removing all licenses
  • JIRANODE-3480 Fixed the issue with the Exalate jwt token not getting verified
  • JIRANODE-3490 Fixed the Visual connection first sync error when an issue had more than 1 sync on the sync panel
  • JIRANODE-3501 Fixed the issue where Sync protocol stuck Jira on-premise being public
  • JIRANODE-3502 Fixed the issue where processing failed with SQL errors when using the Oracle database
  • JIRANODE-3503 Fixed the priority error when the issue is synchronizing by Visual connection