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  • ADNODE-351 Fixed the inconsistency of usage of issue_tracker_url
  • EXACOMP-1459 Fixed the Verify Access screen by adding User id/organization id/user name
  • EXACOMP-1343 Improved security
  • EXACOMP-1563 Fixed admin verification when creating Visual connection
  • EXACOMP-1413 Fixed the issue when it was not possible to insert remote URL during creating a connection
  • EXACOMP-1421 Fixed the Free Plan license status reporting
  • EXACOMP-1427 Fixed the issue with the publish button being active while the saving changes process is still on
  • EXACOMP-1429 Fixed the license limitation issue
  • EXACOMP-1473 Fixed the issue with the cursor on the Initiate Connection screen
  • EXACOMP-1479 Made the latest sync date to show up in the Connection status
  • EXACOMP-1459 Fixed the UI issues on Verify admin access screen
  • EXACOMP-1295 Fixed the alignment of the cards on the LIcense License page