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  • ADNODE-162 - Fixed the problem with the Azure DevOps icon not displaying on the connection screen, in the Statistics tab
  • ADNODE-363 - Fixed the problem with impersonated comments
  • ADNODE-364 - Verification admin access stuck(Jcloud-Azure visual connection) (question) ADNODE-370 - Fixed the problem with logging in to the Exalate app for Azure DevOps directly by reaching app URL
  • ADNODE-374 - Fixed the nodeHelper get.User methods
  • EXACOMP-1266 - Fixed the broken local ticket link when synchronized using a basic connection
  • EXACOMP-1035 - Fixed the problem with Sync Panel when it's hard to select the connection from the list

  • EXACOMP-1235 - Fixed the problem with long ticket names overlapping on the connections page

  • EXACOMP-1253 - Improved the basic connection compatibility - now Exalate is not setting scopes and mappings if the scripted connection is created instead of a basic connection