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SNOWNODE-309Fixed a bug where the connection id was shown instead of the connection name during Bulk Connect
SNOWNODE-302Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to sync entities between ServiceNow and Jira on-premise
EXACOMP-1047Fixed a bug where some connection-related data wasn't deleted after deleting a connection
EXACOMP-440Fixed a bug where sync requests weren't removed if a clean-up was running at the same time
EXACOMP-1004Fixed a bug where a console error appeared after clicking Dismiss
EASE-8080Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to verify Exalate for ServiceNow on-premise

UI updates

EXACOMP-987Updated the notification for errors with attachment sync
EXACOMP-1014Now you can contact an Exalate partner from the License Details menu
EXACOMP-1015Updated the text of the License Details menu